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What is ABC Maestro?


ABC Maestro is unique educational rehabilitation software for learning how to write, type, and read.


ABC Maestro is an indispensable didactic tool in English language that, due to its performance, can be a valuable equivalent to the pedagogical methods of active literacy learning for children with special educational needs.


It is perfectly compatible with Clevy keyboard!

How does ABC Maestro work?

ABC Maestro software features a rich palette of individualized settings that can be fully customized for each child, depending on their difficulties. Beginning with easier activities, the exercises are structured to lead up gradually to more difficult ones. In this way the software "grows" with the child. ABC Maestro gives the child precise instructions of where the key to be pressed is and when to press it. It also provides, after each answer, adequate feedback that is an indispensable part of the learning process.

Why do both children and teachers love ABC Maestro?

We have seen that for many children Clevy keyboard is becoming the only way of literacy learning and participating in the curriculum. And we are so glad about that! However, typing letters on a dull screen is often not encouraging enough. That is why children often tend to give up and lose motivation easily. This is a challenge both for children and teachers.

ABC Maestro allows children to learn "step-by- step" in a specially designed interface full of fun exercises and cheerful colors - which greatly influences the motivation.

How does ABC Maestro help children and teachers?


Teaching children with special educational needs literacy skills can be very slow, difficult, and hard, and it is ABC Maestro that offers children faster learning through play, without stress. It is therefore a motivating factor by itself.


The ABC Maestro’s rehabilitation importance in education of children with developmental difficulties is critical because it reduces time of learning of the grapheme’s/letters keyboard positions and prevents the so-called "fishing" where a child searches the keyboard for a particular letter.

Whom is ABC Maestro intended to?

It is intended for students with special educational needs who are learning to write, type, and read. It is an excellent solution for children with attention and concentration problems, fine motor skills, ocular coordination, and visual perception problems, children with reduced cognitive abilities, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and often with a combination of a couple of these difficulties.

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E-glas Ltd. for Intelligent Computer Systems and Assistive Technology was founded in July 2009. by a group of scientists from the University of Rijeka Faculty of Engineering.
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Our wish is to use our expertise and knowledge to help all people living in difficult circumstances due to physical disability, old age, illness or disability in general.